ABLG TV interviews President of National Autism Association on Safety

We had the great fortune to sit down with Wendy Fournier, President and one of the Founding Board Members of the National Autism Association. She is also parent of an individual with Autism.  We got to talk about wandering and elopement, and we learned some fresh perspectives on taking a “multi-layered approach” to addresses these behaviors. […]

Household Safety for Children with Autism

Now that kids are home from school… it’s time to do a household safety check! Have you downloaded our FREE ebook, QuickStart Safety Guide for Individuals with Autism? It covers: Wandering and Elopement, Household Safety, and Community Safety. We’ve broken down these overwhelming areas for you.. just take one step at a time to create […]

Strategies for a Squabble-Free Summer

Stop Summer Squabbles between kids with Autism and their Siblings

As the school year comes to a close, many of us may be looking ahead to the long, unstructured months of summer, thinking, “What am I going to do with all the kids home?” Every household, regardless of the presence of a disability, has experienced sibling squabbling. Throw in more free time to spend with […]

Drowning Prevention

Prevent Safety Accidents for people with Autism

Summer is here… which means water, water EVERYWHERE! Today’s post is a little sobering, but we don’t feel we’re doing anyone a service if we beat around the bush.  So many individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders are attracted to water.   Summer means open pools, and lakes, rivers, and streams that are running and appealing.  […]

What can we learn from United Airlines?

Recently, United Airlines had an emergency landing in Salt Lake City, Utah. Why? To remove a teenager with Autism Spectrum Disorder and her parents from the plane. You can read the mother’s postings about the incident here. At Above and Beyond Learning Group, we acknowledge that there are three sides to every story. That’s a […]

Community Safety Skills for Learners with Autism – New Jersey ABA

Safety Skills for Autism Spectrum Disorder

ABA providers often focus on in-home therapy with a focus on filling in academic and language gaps. At ABLG, we believe those skills are important, and also believe in designing programs that address a wide range of skills. We include domains like safety and using technology to make sure our clients are getting everything they […]