Careers in Applied Behavior Analysis

Do you provide supervision to become a board certified behavior analyst or board certified assistant behavior analyst?

We do provide group supervision as well as individual supervision towards becoming certified. Please contact Lauren Kryzak, BCBA-D, to apply.

How can you turn your passion for teaching people with developmental disabilities into a career?

We field lots of calls from people who are passionate about teaching people with developmental disabilities, and want to know how to get started in their career.

Our first recommendation is to secure a job in a center-based, reputable school for people with Autism to get amazing, supervised training as a therapist. It’s important to be trained and supervised on a daily basis at the beginning of your career! Many public schools also provide quality services for children with Autism and related disorders; be sure to ask great questions about their training, both didactic and on-site.

A trained ABA therapist has many options for work. These include:

  • Instructional assistant/aide/paraprofessional in a public school
  • Teaching assistant/aide in a private school for people with developmental disabilities
  • ABA therapist for an agency such as Above and Beyond Learning Group
  • Early intervention therapist

Once a therapist has gained experience, s/he might also take on roles as:

  • A team leader in home programs
  • A parent trainer
  • Higher position within a classroom in a private school

An ABA therapist who also has a valid teacher’s certificate might also look for work as:

  • A teacher in a classroom for people with Autism and related disabilities
  • A Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT)
  • A home school educator for children who can’t attend school due to auto-immune disorder, or for other reasons

An ABA therapist who has a Bachelor’s Degree can pursue becoming a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA).

Slowly, insurance companies are coming to recognize this valuable role. Please contact us to see if we have a role for you!

A Master’s level ABA therapist might consider going back to school to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

BCBAs can find work in many roles, such as:

  • Consultant or full-time behavior analyst to school district
  • Clinical Director of an agency, private program, or other organization that supports people with Autism
  • Home Program Team Leader in an agency that provides ABA therapy
  • Clinical Supervisor/Manager in an organization the provides ABA therapy
  • Insurance Care Advocate for an insurance company
  • Parent Trainer
  • Staff Trainer
  • Group Home Supervisor/Residential Facility Supervisor/Day Treatment Program Supervisor
  • Provide expert testimony for special education lawyers

At the Doctorate Level, you could choose to become a BCBA-D.

With this certification, you might also:

  • All of the above and…
  • Secure an adjunct or full professorship
  • Research Director