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FAQs about Autism Spectrum Disorders

–What is an Autism Spectrum Disorder?
–How do I know if my loved one has ASD?
–What do I do if my loved one receives an ASD diagnosis?
–I’m worried about the future for my child with Autism.

FAQs about Speech Language Therapy

–How does Speech Therapy benefit my home ABA program?
–Some children in my district need speech therapy. How does that work?
–How do you become a Speech Therapist?

FAQs about Applied Behavior Analysis

–What is ABA?
–I’ve heard it makes kids “robotic”. Is that true?
–What kinds of skills can you address?
–What’s an ABA tutor? What’s a BCBA?
–Does my insurance pay for ABA at my home?

FAQs about Careers in Applied Behavior Analysis

–What kind of work do BCBAs do in NJ?
–How do I become an ABA therapist?
–How do I become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst?
–Do you offer Fieldwork experience for candidates looking to become certified?

Resources for ABA and Autism