Learning to ride a bikeDear ABLG,

It’s been over a year now since ABLG has been a part of our Autism journey. My son started at 4 ½ and has grown so much thanks In part to our wonderful therapist provided by you. He is flying thru programs and currently getting ready for kindergarten! I have said before that your name is fitting because you girls have done more than I could of expected, from helping deal with insurance, to good ideas and of course providing excellent ABA therapist in our home. Thank you for all you do and we look forward to another good year!


“When our daughter was diagnosed we were devastated. We didn’t know where to turn. A friend recommended ABLG. After two years of therapy, our daughter’s teachers are amazed at her transformation cognitively, academically, and socially. Her test scores have skyrocketed, and we can finally have a real conversation with her. Thank you, ABLG!”– Red Bank, NJ

Dear ABLG,I am writing in reference to a behaviorist… sent to me by Above and Beyond Learning Group. I needed a behaviorist for my autistic, non-verbal 9 year old daughter who was not getting what she needed from me due to my lack of knowledge about her condition. I called Above and Beyond Learning Group and was taken care of immediately. They were very compassionate and understanding.

In April 2010, the behaviorist began coming to our home. He assessed what he saw and pointed out organizational changes in the home that needed attention. He met my daughter and found her to be without direction, unfocused and lacking in many areas. I was basically giving her everything – from food to toys – without her request and not giving her the opportunity to interact with us by asking for things. Although I knew better, I was spoiling her with “Mommy love.” But, I reached out for help and I am so happy I did.

The behaviorist immediately set up a schedule and put me to work on interacting with my child. I can’t put into words how much it changed our lives! Within a couple weeks, she became more focused, had a routine she was totally capable of doing, and I saw relief in her as if to say, “thank you for including me mommy!” Of course, this process has been emotional. I cried a lot realizing how my spoiling her was keeping her from growing, but we are positively moving forward.

The behaviorist was extremely patient but firm. He opened my eyes to so many things, how to organize the home so that she is organized in her mind; keeping words simple to encourage speech; activities like cooking assistance, laundry, shopping, dressing on her own… the list goes on! Needless to say our lives have changed for the better. My daughter is becoming more and more independent and is vocalizing a great deal more than ever before.

I am unbelievably grateful to the behaviorist for all his help. He fought for my daughter and guided me in the right direction. We are excited about our future and are eternally grateful to the therapist and Above and Beyond Learning Group!

Sincerely yours,

“I sincerely couldn’t be more grateful for the level of support and quality of mentorship I’ve received from ABLG.  I’m very appreciative to be working with such highly professional individuals, and honestly can’t recall of a time when I obtained this type of a kind gesture from a company I worked for.  For that, I honestly couldn’t be more thankful.”

Best,  MS (ABA therapist)