ABLG TV interviews President of National Autism Association on Safety

We had the great fortune to sit down with Wendy Fournier, President and one of the Founding Board Members of the National Autism Association. She is also parent of an individual with Autism.  We got to talk about wandering and elopement, and we learned some fresh perspectives on taking a “multi-layered approach” to addresses these behaviors.

Some highlights:

At 3:48, learn all about the Big Red Safety Box and how it came to be.

At 6:23, learn the staggering number of Big Red Safety Boxes that have gone out into the world

At , 6:35 get the information to download priceless materials until the next round of Big Red Safety Box grants opens again!

At 8:46, learn the shocking place that children with Autism are eloping from and what you can do about it.

At 16:06, learn the top 3 things that you can do tomorrow to impact how safe your child is.

At 22:09, learn how you as a professional can support the families you work with to implement safety strategies.

At 24:18, Wendy shares the NUMBER ONE takeaway message she wishes everyone would GET.

At 25:30, learn what 3 albums Wendy would take with her to a desert island!

At 27:18, learn a little-known resource that is a huge source of support.

At 32:29   We learn about some of the other urgent topics coming up that the National Autism Society will be tackling in the future.

Tell us in the comments below: What are your most relevant and urgent concerns for your children or clients with Autism?

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