Autism, High School, and ABA, Oh My!

        The transition to high school is exciting and terrifying all in the same.  Some students – with or without Autism – may be overwhelmed by new peers, teachers and the school itself.  Peer pressure becomes a more significant aspect of daily life. High school is a time for teenagers to gain new freedoms […]

Symptoms of Autism: Joint Attention

symptoms of Autism_Joint Attention

Have you heard about “joint attention?” It’s important to get to know it. Failure to develop joint attention is a key symptom of Autism! Joint attention is also a critical Social Skill. Joint attention occurs when two people engage in:verbalizations, gestures, and/or eye contact between each other and a common object. There are two sides of […]

Strategies for a Squabble-Free Summer

Stop Summer Squabbles between kids with Autism and their Siblings

As the school year comes to a close, many of us may be looking ahead to the long, unstructured months of summer, thinking, “What am I going to do with all the kids home?” Every household, regardless of the presence of a disability, has experienced sibling squabbling. Throw in more free time to spend with […]

What can we learn from United Airlines?

Recently, United Airlines had an emergency landing in Salt Lake City, Utah. Why? To remove a teenager with Autism Spectrum Disorder and her parents from the plane. You can read the mother’s postings about the incident here. At Above and Beyond Learning Group, we acknowledge that there are three sides to every story. That’s a […]

Dr. Kryzak on Building Lifelong Relationships with Siblings with Autism

Queens College Annual Conference on Autism and Developmental Disabilities

SATURDAY, APRIL 18th, 2015 (Register by April 5th for an early registration discount!) Join our Clinical Director, Dr. Lauren Kryzak, for her talk on developing lifelong relationships with siblings with Autism. She will be presenting at Queens College’s annual Conference on Autism and Developmental Disabilities. This conference features topics on: Effective Family-Clinician Partnerships Implementing Activity […]