Dr. Kryzak on Building Lifelong Relationships with Siblings with Autism

Queens College Annual Conference on Autism and Developmental Disabilities

SATURDAY, APRIL 18th, 2015 (Register by April 5th for an early registration discount!) Join our Clinical Director, Dr. Lauren Kryzak, for her talk on developing lifelong relationships with siblings with Autism. She will be presenting at Queens College’s annual Conference on Autism and Developmental Disabilities. This conference features topics on: Effective Family-Clinician Partnerships Implementing Activity […]

How do I talk to my teen with Autism about Sex?

How do I talk to my teenager with Autism about sex?

Sexuality, Adolescence, and Autism, oh my! Most parents dread having “The Talk” with their children. As children grow into adolescence, it’s crucial to arm them with information about their sexuality, changing bodies, new social rules around dating, safety… It can be overwhelming for any parent to know where to start and how to teach all […]