Autism New Jersey conference 2014

Lauren Kryzak D’Amato, one of ABLG’s Clinical Managers, presented on the topic of Stimulus Equivalence in the Classroom at the 2014 Autism New Jersey conference.

How can we teach efficiently and effectively in the classroom using procedures derived from the research on stimulus equivalence class formation?

Stimulus equivalence, or the behavior analytic theory of how we form concepts and categories, points to the ability for teachers to present a few associations, and get a ton “for free”.

When working with children with Autism, we often encounter a secondary characteristic of failure to generalize. Using stimulus equivalence procedures can help shortcut this deficit ~ but is it too hard to use in the classroom?

Lauren Kryzak D’Amato opens the dialogue. Hopefully next year we’ll see more research on the possibilities of this powerful technology in the classroom!

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