Clinical Manager Wanted

Job Description

Direct Client Supervision

  • Onsite and remote supervision of Coordinating BCBAs and Program Coordinators
  • Conduct Program Book Reviews for each home program
  • Provide feedback to BCBAs/PCs regarding improvements or excellence in the home programs
  • Be available for troubleshooting/brainstorming
  • Provide therapist feedback through the BCBA/PC
  • Conduct ABA therapist/ RBT evaluations
  • Conduct Program Coordination evaluations
  • Provide RBT supervision
  • Attend IEP meetings to report on progress and interventions, as appropriate
  • Guide Program Coordinators in writing/implementing Professional Development Plan if needed
  • Promote the culture of the company with professional and compassionate language
  • Uphold customer care standards
  • Check in with parents to ensure their needs are being met
  • Coordinating BCBA Roles and Responsibilities as needed to promote stable, consistent, and quality home programming

Coordinating BCBA for home programs

  • Perform functions of Coordinating BCBA as described in Coordinating BCBA Roles and Responsibilities

New Client Intakes

  • Conduct all initial intakes for the agency
  • Write and submit Initial Assessment, Initial Treatment Plan, and Goals and Objectives as applicable (See Handbook section for specific funding source)

Funding Maintenance

  • Write and update treatment plans at each reauthorization period (due to Supervisor 2 weeks prior to expiry date of authorization)
  • Update client goals and objectives data at each reauthorization
  • Collect authorization approvals and communicate to home office
  • Refer disputes in authorization approvals to home office
  • For school district and private clients, write Progress Reports and submit to home office

Agency Development

  • Submit items to Supervisor for Facebook/Twitter feeds
  • Create content to be added to and published to ABLG’s quarterly newsletter
  • Contribute and collect Skill Acquisition Programs for ABLG Curriculum bank
  • Attend and participate in conferences
  • Interview and recommend candidates for employment
  • Attend department and company meetings
  • Uphold and Promote 360° Care Standards
  • Make recommendations and collaborate with staff and management for the overall needs of ABLG
  • Assist with marketing as appropriate
  • Collaborate with ABLG office manager to staff programs
  • Recruitment of new clients/districts

Quality Assurance Measures

  • Program Book Reviews and follow up
  • Therapist checklists
  • Team Leader checklists
  • 30-day quality assurance checklist
  • Parent satisfaction survey
  • Professional Development and Continuing Education (FT)
  • Attend conferences
  • Collaboratively/strategically develop workshops for delivery at conferences
  • Collaboratively/strategically develop workshops for in-house professional development
  • Collaboratively/strategically develop parent and district trainings

Parent Training

  • Conduct in-home parent training on assigned cases
  • Use ABLG parent training sequence when applicable
  • Collaboratively design parent training sequence in conjunction with Clinical Manager of schools
  • Reporting (minimum)

1x/month visit to ABLG home office
1x/month conference call w/ Clinical Manager