Board Certified Behavior Analysts Wanted

Job Description

Make on-site home visits according to the hours allotted by the funding source

Therapist training

  • Use behavioral skills training to ensure staff are using best practice ABA procedures
  • Use behavioral skills training to implement new skill acquisition programs and behavior reduction plans
  • Collaborate with Clinical Manager if professional development plan is needed

Program Administration

  • Use sign-in calendar to track therapist attendance and alert home office to any inconsistencies in scheduling
  • Therapists to call/text both Coordinating BCBA and family member if a session is to be missed. BCBA to alert Clinical Manager of absence
  • BCBA to keep current copy of Week-At-A-Glance provided by ABLG in the program book, and to alert home office to changes in scheduling
  • Follow up with therapist and family calls and emails within 24 hours
  • Link services with related providers and districts to create a collaborative model

Review program book at every visit

  • Check that data is moving in desired direction; if no change after 5 sessions, make a modification
  • Check that all SAPs are being run consistently at every session using Program Checklist
  • Check that data is being collected each session and if there is no data, check that documentation of why is provided in the communication log
  • Move programs into generalization/maintenance as per the guidelines
  • Check that preference assessments are being run according to schedule
  • Check that graphing protocols are being followed and that graphs are done in pencil

Conduct monthly clinic meeting with all staff and available family members for 1-2 hours, as allotted

  • Review programs that can be generalized to parents
  • Troubleshoot programs that are not progressing in the desired direction
  • Train parents to use behavior intervention plan, if applicable
  • Ensure consistency between staff members
  • Create guidelines and contingencies for parental involvement in home-based program
  • Program Integrity
  • Collect IOA data on each program, quarterly.
  • If IOA is less than 80%, resolve the issue within 2 weeks
  • If requested, collect data on therapist performance and report to Clinical Manager
  • If required, take treatment integrity measures

Behavior Reduction

  • Design and collect data for purposes of deriving function of maladaptive behavior
  • Collect baseline data on all maladaptive behavior prior to implementation of behavior reduction plan, unless client is endangering himself or others
  • Write behavior intervention plan
  • Train all parties to implement behavior reduction plan and to collect and graph data
  • Send Behavior Reduction Plan to Clinical Manger for student files

Skill Acquisition

  • Assemble ABLG Program Book
  • In collaboration with Clinical Manager, write Goals and Objectives for client
  • Complete and update/maintain Goals and Objective grid
  • Write individualized skill acquisition programs, including targets.
  • Put SAPs into shared Team Leader folder
  • Baseline or supervise baseline of all skill acquisition programs prior to implementation
  • Make recommendations for new skill acquisition programs as initial goals are mastered
  • Write task analyses as needed
  • Develop overall program goals according to ABLG Essential Domains
  • Make, gather, and organize materials for the students’ programs


  • Create and implement a generalization/maintenance protocol utilizing Gen/Maint book provided to each program


  • Per the funding source contract, provide progress notes as per prescribed format
  • If requested, complete ATEC or GARS for reassessment purposes