Q. Do you provide parent training?

Yes! We offer a Parent Coaching Bootcamp which may be funded by your insurance plan ~ call 973-423-2254 to learn more.

We understand that many families today have two working parents, and we do our very best to ensure that our parents receive tons of time to collaborate with their Team Leader to provide consistency when we’re not there. After all, we can be the best therapists in the world ~ but if the most important people aren’t on the same page, no progress will be made. And those people are YOU.

We also provide monthly team meetings for each of our programs, so that you and your team can brainstorm, troubleshoot, have a working clinic ~ whatever needs to get done to ensure consistency.

All of our families are encouraged to take advantage of their team leader’s presence in their home, to participate in sessions, and to be intimately familiar with the skills their learner is acquiring.

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