Special Needs Vendor Fair – Sewell, NJ

The Everything Special Needs Radio show presents:
A Special Needs Vendor Fair

WHEN: July 27th 7-8PM EST (during the radio show)

TO TUNE IN: 1360 AM WNJC or online www.wnjcradio.com

TO JOIN IN PERSON AND MEET THE VENDORS: 123 Egg Harbor Road, Suite 302, Sewell, NJ

Join ABLG Clinical Manager Christen Russell on the radio show at 7:15pm!

We’ll also be live at the event answering all your questions about accessing ABA therapy in your home or district!

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  1. says

    Is he in “regular” class or Special Ed? We had to push for more time in regular class to get aide. If they say he is doing great, start asknig when he can go to mainstream class. Focus on this, it might help. Unmet goals = more services needed!!!!Don’t let them set goals that are too general.Ask for specific results in writing. How are they tracking X goal?Don’t raise holy hell without a plan, you will just end up being hated and it will be worse on your kid in the long run.I am rambling and don’t have an easy answers. There are probably people in your area who can help you, maybe for free. We consulted with a free advocate and I think she would have helped if we had ended up taking her with us to the IEP, but sort of had a lawyer fall from the sky.

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